The opossum is active only at night, and is a solitary animal. They have an eclectic diet and will eat both plants and animals, including rodents, young rabbits, birds, insects, crustaceans, frogs, fruits and berries, and vegetables.  They weigh from 2-10 lbs.

Opossums are the only native marsupials to the US.  They have opposable thumbs and can grasp their food.

Interesting Facts:

  • Due to their low body temperature and successful immune system, opossums are extremely resistant to the rabies virus.
  • Opossums are fastidious groomers and they will remove and eat up to 95% of ticks that try to get a blood meal off of them.
  • They are extremely good at remembering where food stores are and can make their way through a maze faster than a rat or cat.